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In a nowadays business environment, it is getting harder and harder to prevent illegal activity or unexpected infiltrations. Therefore, organizations need to take massive action to investigate and evaluate the potential risks of the security data, network and information technology (IT).

So if you are in need to identify, examine and review cyber security violations or design and implement cyber security strategies, our team is here to provide the corporate knowledge and expertise you need to secure your business operations, increase performance and improve customer support, without compromising their privacy.

We offer threat intelligence services, awareness, independent advice, assistance, recommendations, analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities in your business, as well as, possible opportunities for internal security improvement. Our goal is to understand every business environment and always exceed our client’s expectations.

    Here is what we can do for your business:

  • check-image  Identify, classify and evaluate complex business and technology risks, and related opportunities for internal control improvements;

  • check-image  Design and implement information technology (IT) security system upgrades based on new technology advancements;

  • check-image  Examine and resolve integration issues related to the realization of new security systems within the existing infrastructure;

  • check-image  Conduct security control penetration and vulnerability assessments of security data and metrics associated with cyber security incidents, violations, and external security service providers;

  • check-image  Prepare strategies and procedures to respond to information technology (IT) and it’s environment security incidents and recommend suitable actions to address identified vulnerabilities;

  • check-image  Estimate the changes in security system and operational needs that could influence the accreditation;

  • check-image  Design integrations, techniques, automation, and processes to reduce remediation and detection cycles, to keep the enterprise secure from cyber threats, to lower false positives, and to minimize potential risks associated with IT system vulnerabilities;

  • check-image  Compile, formulate, and analyze security data for management briefing and intelligence reports (e.g. graphic, narrative, statistical);

  • check-image  Keep you up to date on current attack trends based on professional knowledge and research.


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