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UMS — the first version of our identity management software — was a hit. It won us the Gold medal of GESIA’s Annual Award in 2011. It was a huge success with some of our most important clients, such as Mærsk Oil & Gas, and helped establish us as a leader in identity management.
However, always in pursuit of excellence, we wanted to make our software even better. So started with a fresh perspective, taking a more user-centric approach. We studied the users of our software until we could build a tool that would fit them like a glove, while still preserving the powerful features and functionality of UMS.
In early 2014 we released IDM365 — an even more modern, more simple, and yet more powerful interface that is easier to use and works on multiple devices. The success of IDM365 has helped us see what great things can come as a result of increased understanding — not only of our client’s business, but the varied individuals in that organization who use our software.
This approach has resulted in a lot of happy users, leaders who feel much more in control of their business, and harmony between business, management, & IT. We will continue to follow this approach based on collaboration and understanding as we keep striving to make IDM365 better and better.


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